What is the best way to wash and dry my swimwear? A question I used to ask myself all the time. It seems ever so confusing but it doesn’t need to be anymore. Below is a list of handy tips to wash and care for your swimwear the right way.

Personal tip; I wash mine with the towels as both do not require conditioner.

washing your swimwear

 Machine Washing

  • Swimwear should be washed after every wear
  • Can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle upto a 40 degree temperature.
  • Turn swimwear inside out before placing in the machine. Ideally place into a delicates mesh bag before putting in the machine to protect against abrasion with the drum.
  • Use a mild detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. Or a detergent specially formulated for swimwear.
  • Do not use conditioner. This can cause the degenerative effect on the elastane fibres.


Hand Washing

Perfect to use when on holiday or where a machine is not available

  • Fill a basin with cold water and add a bleach free mild detergent. Mix well.
  • Turn swimwear inside out and submerge into water and soak for a total of 30mins. Rub gently in areas where there is a build up of dirt.
  • Rinse in cold water until all traces of detergent has been removed.



  • Do not put swimwear in the dryer as it will cause it to shrink.
  • Do not wring swimwear tightly as it will cause fibres to break down.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight as it will cause colours and prints to fade prematurely.
  • Ideally you want to dry your swimwear flat. Place on a towel and roll up to absorb excess moisture. Unroll and leave to dry.
  • If you choose to hang dry, make sure that complete sets are dried together. This way if fading does occur, it will be even and sets will still match.


Do’s & Dont’s

  • Do shower/rinse off in your swimwear in fresh water before entering the pool. This helps the swimwear from initially absorbing less chlorinated water.
  • Do rinse off straight after being in the water to remove as much chlorine/salt water as possible.
  • Do wash sets together, so that any fading that does occur will be consistent.
  • Don’t leave wet swimwear in a bag. Rinse/wash as soon as possible. Failure to do so will cause the breakdown of fibres.
  • Don’t leave garments to soak for too long.
  • Don’t leave to dry in direct sunlight. This can cause fading
  • Don’t iron on medium/high heat. Fibres will melt and ruin your swimwear.