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Welcome to a new era of swimwear



Amaiz is an innovative collection of contemporary swimwear bringing you more. More coverage. More choice. More style. 

We know traditional swimwear styles don’t work for everyone, so we’re bridging the gap between a bikini and a burkini to ensure every woman feels comfortable and confident when she wears Amaiz. 

This is about swimwear on your terms, so whether you need modest swimwear, something that gives you more sun protection, or perhaps you’d just prefer a little more coverage than a bikini or swimsuit, we’re offering you new alternative choices, without compromising on style.


Anesa xx


How It Is Made


British Made

Designed and manufactured in the Uk using the skills and expertise of British talent



Using the finest Italian Lycra for our swimwear so that it is made to endure more


Accessible Luxury

All our swimwear is crafted with  premium design,  print and fabric available at an accessible price


Innovation Award 2020 Winner

A great start to the year for Amaiz! We have recieved our first award by YouK for the 'Innovation Award 2020'. This award is based on innovation and inclusion in the swimwear sector. Youk promotes all UK made or designed consumer products, supporting smaller and local...

How to wash and care for your swimwear the right way

What is the best way to wash and dry my swimwear? A question I used to ask myself all the time. It seems ever so confusing but it doesn't need to be anymore. Below is a list of handy tips to wash and care for your swimwear the right way. Personal tip; I wash mine with...

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